Utility Rebates and Incentives

MunEE Bucks Energy-Efficiency Program: It pays to be energy smart

Rebates available for qualifying equipment and systems
Custom Rebates are limited to 1500 dollars per meter account and all rebates are credited to the utility account

The City of Tipton is committed to delivering energy reliably, affordably, and efficiently. We don’t just serve the community; we are a part of the community. Creating a brighter future for our customers, our families, and our hometowns is at the heart of what we do. Our MunEE Buck$ Energy-Efficiency program, available to electric and natural gas customers, can help you to lower utility bills, save money, and conserve energy.

Program Overview

The MunEE Buck$ Energy-Efficiency Incentive Program is designed to encourage the installation of energy-efficient equipment and systems in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities.

How It Works

To complete rebate applications you use an online portal: Tipton MunEE Bucks Portal. The rebates and incentives are processed through the system. To see a list of available incentive areas, click here.
Click here to get started on submitting a rebate request.
For questions about MunEE Buck$, please email City Hall at cityhall@tiptoniowa.org, call 563-886-6187, or complete the form below.