LG/LG Recert/WSI Course at JKFAC

Location: 700 Park Road
Tipton, IA 52772 (map)

Contact: Adam Spangler (aspangler@tiptoniowa.org)


The Aquatic Center will be offering a Lifeguarding course, WSI (Water Safety Instructor) as well as a Lifeguard Recertification course starting next month into March.  Instructor will be Penny Jacobi and if you have any questions about any of these classes please give her a call on her cell/text at 563-212-2266.  You will also need to call the aquatic center at 563-886-2271 and give us your information so we have it for our records as well.  ALL CLASSES ARE FROM 8 AM - 4 PM EVERYDAY.  Dates are below.  Thanks!
Lifeguarding Class:
Saturday, February 6 - Sunday, February 7 &
Saturday, February 13 - Sunday, February 14
Lifeguard Recertification Class:
Sunday, February 21
WSI (Water Safety Instructor) Course:
Saturday, February 27 - Sunday, February 28 &
Saturday, March 6 - Sunday, March 8