The following demographic profile data was obtained from United States Census Department.


Tipton Population Tipton Iowa
Total Population 3,221 3,046,355
Median Age 42.3 38.1
Households 1,394 1,221,576
Male Population 1,555 1,508,319
Female Population 1,666 1,538,036


There are approximately 2,442 people over the age of 18 residing in Tipton and the current unemployment rate in Cedar County is 4.6%


The education attainment of the population of 25 and over is as follows:
High School Graduate: 40.9%
Some college, no degree: 21.9%
Associates Degree: 8.3%
Bachelor's Degree: 15.1%
Graduate Degree: 4.6%


The total number of households in Tipton is 1,394 with the average household size being 2.25. The median home value in Tipton is $115,000.

Tipton Housing Units
Owner Occupied 1,038
Renter Occupied 316
Vacant 91
Total Housing 1,445
Homeowner Vacancy Rate 6.7%
Rental Vacancy Rate 0.0%

Cost of Living

Tipton's cost of living is based on a US average of 100. If the amount is below 100, it is lower than the national average. If the amount is above 100, it is higher than the national average.

Tipton Cost of Living Tipton, Iowa US
Overall 89 100
Food 95 100
Health 93 100
Transportation 95 100