Workforce Assistance

Iowa New Jobs Training Program (260E)
To compete in today’s global economy businesses needs fully trained employees. If your company is new or planning to expand employment in the state of Iowa there is financial help for training new employees.

The state of Iowa provides economic incentives to businesses through the Iowa New Jobs Training Program, Iowa Code Chapter 260E. The net result is that new employees will show higher productivity, improved morale and reduced turnover—and your company will be better prepared to compete inthe 21st century.

Iowa Job Training Program (260F)
The Iowa Jobs Training Program (260F) is a state sponsored program designed to assist Iowa based businesses with the training and development for existing employees. The purpose of the program is to foster growth of Iowa’s incumbent workforce, enabling the state’s business and industry to remain competitive in an ever-changing global economy.

The Iowa Jobs Training Program provides forgivable loans to qualifying businesses and will reimburse up to 50 percent of the total training cost of most training expenses. Program funds are available on a first come, first served basis and are awarded through an application process.

To determine if your business is eligible or for further information click here.

Iowa's Creative Corridor
Workforce is an essential component to business success.  As a commitment to a prosperous economy, our seven county region and economic development partners provide numerous workforce services to assist growing companies.

Iowa's Creative Corridor boasts an ample pool of qualified candidates and an Iowa work ethic resulting in a more productive workforce.  Our area is strategically located in the center of the largest population region in the state of Iowa, attracting workers beyond a sixty mile radius, including central Iowa and western Illinois.

With a population of more than 400,000, and double-digit growth every decade, Iowa's Creative Corridor consistently attracts knowledge workers and skilled professionals.

Kirkwood Community College Training & Outreach Services
Specializing in corporate training and event services, Kirkwood Training & Outreach Services is the region's complete learning partner.

Through customized consultation and training services, they are committed to partnering with you from start to finish, ensuring your unique business goals are met. Working together, they will assess and pinpoint your organization's needs and develop specific solutions to help your employees succeed and improve your bottom line.