Tipton Ambulance Service

For emergencies, call 9-1-1. For non-emergencies or questions regarding your bill,
call (563) 886-6502 or email us at tiptonambulance@tiptoniowa.org.
The Tipton Ambulance Service is a municipal emergency medical services organization that has been providing care to the City of Tipton and rural Cedar County since 1972. The ambulance service cover approximately 180 square miles and provided mutual aid to other surrounding public safety agencies. 
As a volunteer driven, hybrid ambulance service, the organization utilizes both volunteer and paid team members to provide care up to the paramedic level.  The organization prides itself in having progressive patient protocols and high-end equipment to enhance patient outcomes.
Each ambulance is outfitted with advanced equipment designed to optimize care to critical patients.  Items such as:
  • Stryker PowerLoader cot system
  • Stryker Power Cot
  • Stryker Stair Chair
  • Medsystem III infusion pump
  • Lifepak 15
  • Ipad with electronic PCR (imagetrend)
  • Zoll EMV 731+ ventilator
  • McGrath video laryngoscope
  • Lucas 3 chest compression system
  • Quantum ACR4 system
  • EZ-IO
  • Computer Aided Dispatch Tablet
  • Point of Care Ultrasound (2021 Pilot Program)
are provided to optimize patient care.  The Tipton Ambulance Services works with surrounding emergency services and other regional agencies to optimize its ability to deliver high quality services to the communities which it serves as well as to aid other communities.
When not responding to emergency calls for services, ambulance personnel are frequently engaged in proactive public outreach programs, such as Stop The Bleed, CPR and first aid.  The organization is currently working on deployed automated external defibrillators (AEDs) throughout its service area to decrease deaths associated with sudden cardiac arrest. 

If you are interested in joining the Tipton Ambulance Service, please click here to download an application. Please return completed applications to Tipton City Hall or via email to tiptonambulance@tiptoniowa.org.

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