Public Works

The Tipton Public Works Department is responsible for street maintenance, snow removal, storm sewer cleaning and maintenance, sanitary sewer collection system maintenance, water distribution system maintenance, commercial solid waste and recycling collection and seasonal leaf and brush collections. Tipton Public Works can be contacted at 563-886-3953 or email.

Snow Removal

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The City of Tipton is responsible for removing snow from the streets only. Parking lots, sidewalks and drive ways are the property owner's responsibility.

Garbage & Recycling Information and Pick-up Schedules

Yard Waste refers to organic debris produced as part of yard or garden development and maintenance (e.g. grass clippings, leaves, flowers, bark, branches and tree limbs no larger than 2" in diameter and 36" in length, etc.) All yard waste to be picked up must be placed in City of Tipton yard waste bags. Bags that are not City of Tipton approved yard waste will not be picked up.  The bags may be purchased at Tipton City Hall, Family Foods, Theisens or Tipton CarePro Pharmacy for $1.50 each. During the winter months, the city picks up yard waste on a call-in basis only. Leaves, twigs, branches, vegetation or other organic wastes may be burned on one's property only if in some sort of container to limit excessive smoke and ash. Any burning of garbage is prohibited. It is unlawful to burn any materials on any streets, gutters, curbs, sidewalks and alleys within the City of Tipton. The City maintains many miles of storm sewers to safely remove surface rainwater from streets and adjoining properties. In order to keep these sewers functioning properly the City requests resident cooperation in keeping leaves and grass clippings out of the street.

2021 Garbage pickup schedule (click here)

2021 Recycling pickup schedule (click here)

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Leaf Pick-up

On approximately October 7,  2019, the City of Tipton will be doing its annual Fall Leaf Pickup.  The format will be different this year as in past years. NO leaf pick-up days will be scheduled. We will begin in Zone 1 then move on to Zone 2 then to Zone 3, Then begin again. We will post what Zone we are currently working in at City Hall, on the City of Tipton Facebook page and on the City of Tipton Website. The truck will be out 5 days of the week, weather permitting. The heavier the leaf drop the longer it will take to get through the Zone and onto the next.
As a reminder, residents are asked to rake the leaves into a pile or windrow them behind the curb, but NOT INTO THE STREET OR GUTTER.  Any pile containing non-leaf debris (garden clippings, grass, sticks or branches or other foreign objects) WILL NOT BE PICKED UP.  Vehicles parked on the street should be moved out of the way, so the vacuum leaf collector can reach the piles of leaves.
If you should have any questions concerning this process, please contact City Hall at
City of Tipton Public Works Department
* Please note that dates are subject to change based on leaf drop *

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