Electric Department

The Tipton Electric Utility is the oldest in Iowa, having been established in 1880. A Corliss steam engine, located in the old Tipton Town Hall at 5th and Lynn Streets provided power to light the downtown business district in 1882. 
Currently energy is purchased from Resale Power Group of Iowa (RPGI), and a contracted amount with NextEra Energy.  The energy is transmitted over transmission lines owned by ITC Midwest and administered by RPGI.  The City also maintains ownership of generation at the Louisa Generation Plant South of Muscatine. 
The City of Tipton operates two electric generation facilities located near City Hall.   The facilities have 10.2 megawatts of generation capacity, of which 4.4 megawatts are dual fuel.  This gives the city the flexibility to run on Natural Gas or Diesel. 
The City of Tipton Electric Utility serves over 1,822 customers.

The Tipton Electric Department can be contacted at 563-886-6187 or email.